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RodeoNetworks provides an IPTV system that can be fit to almost any MDU or Senior Living environment.

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RodeoNetworks provides HUNDREDS of channels DVR, VOD, remote control functions for playback of live video, and more!

Do you need custom channels? How about an "in-house" activities channel? Central distribution of a nationwide delivery of video? All of that is possible with the RodeoNetworks system.

We have several custom channels packages designed with seniors in mind. Contact an account representative today for a free evaluation of how RodeoNetworks can provide a cost effective, Robust TV offering to your residents!


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Internet connectivity is key to smooth operating business processes, AND of great interest to and demand from your clientele. Internet is not the same from provider-to-provider. More than price makes up those differences.

Our consultants and network staff can find you the best deal for your needs on internet, anywhere. Call us today to get a free evaluation of your connectivity and distribution network.

Technology companies can appear to be 'all the same'. LOCAL, caring customer service is the Rodeo difference.— Allen E.


On-premise telephone service has changed greatly over the years. While your business needs drive one side of the equation, the needs of your residents drives the other. Whether you need enterprise business phone service, or "in-suite" telephone service, Rodeo can provide solutions that are well-priced and broad ranging in service offerings.

Rodeo phone systems for business provide all the standard features like conference calling extension management, voice mail, IVR, Auto-attendant and more.

For the resident, Rodeo offers unlimited calling plans in the U.S, voice mail, caller ID and more. Contact an account representative for more on customized phone service for your facility.


Any organization can offer products and services, but what sets Rodeo apart is the superior level of support provided with any product or service.

Our support center operates 24/7 with both local and national support contact phone numbers. We custom tailer support plans to fit pleasant, knowledgeable and customer focused.

Our business needs have rapidly changed, Rodeo was there with business solutions that fit.— Bill Mathers



Rodeo's team of technical consultants can address technical issues ranging from simplest of technical needs needs, to complete IT infrastructure and planning for an entire enterprise. Our engineers have worked with large and small companies, and bring that expertise to you! They specialize in IT infrastructure, Networks, TV, Video, Internet, Telephony, Enterprise Data Centers, Cyber-Security, Software, Hardware and more.

About Us

RodeoNetworks is an established provider of technical resources. Having worked around the globe with private companies, government agencies and non-profit entities. RodeoNetworks brings a full cadre personnel with skills, experience, and dedication to developing the best technical resources, assets and plans for your facility.

Rodeo is based an Spokane Washington with a reach across the US and around the world. Rodeo provides a firm grasp on today's technology and the ability to work into the future!

Our goal is to provide you the best, most appropriate and affordable technologies in your facility. Call us today for a free evaluation!

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